Government using legal system as political hammer against opponents

The fact that the PPP regime is using the law-enforcement and legal system as political tools is beyond debate or doubt. In fact, one could say that the coercive arm of the state, and the legal aspect of government are in effect, two sides of the same sledge-hammer with which the PPP is shamelessly beating its opponents and dissenters. There remains no question that law enforcement has been politically weaponised by the PPP and is being used to wage war against those whom the PPP does not like.

The arrest of opposition Member of Parliament Sherod Duncan on what is arguably a frivolous charge is the most recent of that weaponisation of law-enforcement, a nefarious process upon which the installed PPP embarked from its first moment in office.


Apart from the hundreds of lesser-known public servants and other citizens who have been harassed, arrested, charged, and hauled before the courts on nonsensical and ludicrous charges, there are the more prominent persons or better-known names who have been victims of the PPP’s political hammer. We recall the charging of former Minister of Health Volda Lawrence, former Minister of Finance Winston Jordan, former Director of Sport Christopher Jones, and former Director of Lands and Surveys Trevor Benn, among numerous others. Obviously, the PPP has no qualms about using the political-sledgehammer against anyone it perceives to be an adversary.

It must be noted that while the PPP misuses the law-enforcement resources of the state for frivolous political reasons, many real crimes continue to go unsolved and too many real victims fail to get justice simply because the PPP regime appears to have little regard for the welfare of citizens or the needs of the Guyanese majority.

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