Mahipaul calls PPPC’s proposed amendments to the Natural Resource Fund Bill “legal thievery”

MP Ganesh Mahipaul

The installed People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) iteration of the Natural Resource Fund Bill 2019 has been greeted with consternation by a number of civil organizations and individuals from a wide cross section of society.

The most recent voice against proposed changes to the Bill is Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister for Local Government and Regional Development Ganesh Mahipaul. In a post on Facebook Mahipaul said, “It is a wicked Bill. It is a Bill that seeks to repeal the Natural Resource Fund Act 2019 (Act No. 12 of 2019) and give the PPPC the authority to engage in ‘Legal Thievery.”

The Member of Parliament added, the “PPPC is on a mission to THIEF all of our oil money. We must reject this in its entirety.” If the Bill becomes law it will replace a wide and inclusive body as conceptualized by the APNU+AFC Government to administrate the spending of Guyana’s vast Oil and Gas wealth, and aimed at guarding against corruption.

The PPPC intends to reduce oversight to a chosen few of the installed regime.

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